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(Rheumatoid – Multiple Joint Replacements – Australian Para-Equestrian Dressage rider – age 33)

My name is Victoria Davies and I am an Australian FEI Grade II Para Dressage rider and campaigner of the PRE Spanish/Lusitano breeds and proud user of the joint supplement MOBICOSA for 17 years.

Throughout my career I have achieved what only dreams are made of and I do this whilst fighting a crippling disease – Rheumatoid which I was first diagnosed with 24 years ago at age 9.

41 operations to date, Scoliosis, two hip replacements, triple Arthrodesis and all joints showing different degrees of deterioration. One would imagine my condition with Rheumatoid couldn’t get much worse however, in January 2016 my health declined due to aggressive deterioration of my spine and neck; April 2016 I was diagnosed with Basilar Invagination a condition where the C1 and C2 vertebrates are bone on bone and the Odontoid peg (part of my spine) has migrated into my skull placing my spinal cord at high risk.

Over a year later I am still in the saddle, conquering goals and have my eyes set on the next Paralympic games.

Whilst my condition with Rheumatoid is controlled by many pharmaceutical medications, I do believe my strong use of MOBICOSA has helped maintain my general well-being and mobility. I have been using MOBICOSA daily for 17 years, a product I cannot go without!

The late Ron Gellatley, a great Naturopath admired by many, first introduced MOBICOSA to my list of alternative medicines when I was 16 years old. Originally, I took a dose of 6 tablets daily over a course of 2 weeks and remember finding a substantial improvement to my swollen, burning joints and stiffened movement, over a course of 3 weeks I was able to begin light swimming activities, regained my strength and at the time was able to feel somewhat feel like a normal teenager. Since that day, 17 years ago, I take 3 capsules of MOBICOSA daily without fail and if I have increased my training or my Rheumatoid symptoms flare than I will increase to 6 capsules of MOBICOSA until I feel relief.

As a rider and someone living with a chronic illness, I believe it is very important that I stay fit, healthy and control my condition to the best of my ability. It has never been my motto to sit back and let the Rheumatoid stop me from achieving my goals. Looking back I have won countless titles over the years such as short listed for the Rio Paralympics 2016, a member of the Australian High Performance squad for 4 years, National Champion for my grade twice and NSW State Champion for 5 consecutive years.

Where there’s passion and determination, anything is achievable.

Victoria Davies

This is ANDALUKA ELEGIDO “Eddy”, PRE Spanish Stallion

I am a home based travel agent and on the computer 10-16 hours a day currently since this is my busiest time of the year. I was actually dreading this time as last year my hands hurt so badly by the end of the day I just wanted to cry sometimes. I still have a little soreness and discomfort but nothing like the intense pain I had previously. I told my chiropractor this week about this product. I have a terrible family history of joint pain and arthritis, so I was very happy to find out about this product!

Laurie S

I use Mobicosa Joint Gel for so many things. Sore muscles, knee pain, stiff joints, and even to speed healing for bruises. The gel is cool and it rubs in easily. I especially like to use it at night so it can work while I sleep. I highly recommend this product.

Alan B

I have had such a blessed and amazing recovery from my broken ankle. I use Mobicosa joint capsules and Mobicosa Joint Gel. I went on my first walk with my best friend Mimi yesterday after not being able to walk her for a few months. My O.S. doctor said I’m coming along so great and have good range of motion and such great mobility on my ankle that he skipped physical therapy for me! I am so grateful. I feel so blessed to have found this product. Thank you New Zealand’s Best for helping me along my journey to a promising recovery.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for your Mobicosa Joint Gel product. I have just had ankle surgery and my foot had swollen up like a balloon. I was in so much pain until your product arrived. After just a few uses all the swelling had gone down and I am not in constant pain for the first time in 3 weeks, so thank you again.


I am on my second bottle. I noticed help with the first bottle. My right hand has knobby finger knuckles and the “tallman” finger is swollen and hurts. I did notice eased pain with 4 caps a day. I will stay on this for a long time and hope to see more improvements. Nothing happens over night. I have seen this ingredient in some joint remedies, but I decided I needed a higher dose of just this green lipped muscle. I also use the joint gel and I feel that helps also. I put the joint gel on my hips also because they hurt as well.

Linda P

Thank you SO much for the new bottle of Mobicosa Gel!! I’m 3/4 of the way through my original purchase, so this latest bottle came at a perfect time. I will be starting Physical Therapy soon and am anticipating using it even more. I do feel that this product alleviates much of my stiffness from my recent ankle injury. I’m optimistic, that before long, I can begin running again and will continue to use Mobicosa Gel as a regular treatment in my workouts, as I am expecting some discomfort.

Thank you for offering such a natural remedy. Two thumbs up for Mobicosa Gel!!

Billie Jo D. from Tunkhannock, PA

My wife has joint pain and was under a specialist for some time. We were recommended to try Mobicosa by a friend and after a short time on the capsules she started to have less pain and much more mobility. After six months no pain and outstanding mobility, so much so that her specialist (although he wouldn’t credit to Mobicosa) declared that she had beaten it and would no longer have to come to him. The company that we were buying it from changed their product to Motipid saying that is the same product but it doesn’t do the job as well as the Mobicosa in my wife’s case. As I said earlier we are so glad to find another supplier of Mobicosa. She will now be going back to Mobicosa and I will keep you monitored on her progress.’ *And about three and a half (3+1/2) months later in late May 2013..’My wife has almost completed her first bottle of Mobicosa since going back to it from Motipid. The results are quite dramatic. She has regained much more mobility and has far less pain in her hands, knees and shoulders, as well as none of the night pain (and sleepless nights), that she was experiencing on her previous medication.As stated in my previous email, we are so happy to find we can once again buy Mobicosa.

Sincerely, Grahame

The Mobicosa is going very well for me. After 2 knee operations I have moderate joint pain in my left knee joint and patella and from previously being very active, having to downgrade my exercise has been difficult to adjust to.

The cream has given me quick relief (within 30 minutes) and now I have completed the loading phase of the tablets, I have been able to go for walks through Cleland National Park some 12 kms with very little pain and inflammation post exercise. I am extremely encouraged and keen to see the effects of the product through the medium term.

I will gladly keep you updated of my results. Thank you so much for formulating a great product.

WL, Australia

I have been using Mobicosa Gel and Mobicosa Capsules for the past few months. Previously I had swelling in my left ankle and right knee. Since using the capsules in particular the swelling is reduced in both my ankle and knee. I play bowls and I have noticed that I am able to not only last the entire game but my mobility has also improved. I am also able to walk more each day and my general health has improved as a result.

Confidence is a wonderful thing and the capsules have certainly given me that. Also the capsules have no adverse effects with my present medications. I personally would recommend the capsules and hope that they would help others as much as they have helped me.

Gary, Australia

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